Domestic Light Heatsinks
Domestic Light HeatsinksDomestic Light HeatsinksDomestic Light HeatsinksDomestic Light Heatsinks

Domestic Light Heatsinks

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Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


We custom manufacture domestic light heatsinks for LED lighting industry



Domestic Light Heat Sinks
OEM LED heatsinks 
LED extrusion heatsinks
aluminum extruded LED heatsinks

1)Aluminium extrusion heatsinks for domestic light heat sinks in LED lighting industry.
2)Aluminum extrusion LED profile heatsinks/radiators.
3)OEM Or ODM aluminum extrusion LED heat sinks or radiators are welcome.
4)We do offer assembling and installation services for the aluminium extrusion heatsinks/radiators for LED lighting.
5)Materials: aluminum 6063, 6061, 6463, OR 6005 (ANY CONDITION).
6)The lengths, heights and thickness for aluminium LED heatsinks/radiators extrusion profiles are customized
7)Processing of LED heat sinks/radiators extrusion : extrusion,drilling,skiving,milling,fine blanking,brushing,soldering,bonding,polishing,anodizing.
8)Surface colors: anodizing natural,black,green,red,yellow,silver,black,white,blue,ect. 

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