shot blaster

shot blaster

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1.portable shotblast machine
2.Use for surface cleaning,shot blasting and strengthen


Product features:

1, operation and easy preparation, removed at any time, at any time to evacuate.

2, the variable frequency speed control, PLC control, phase sequence protection, a text display and a number of advanced electric control technology, to ensure that each function accurately.

3, can according to the different road conditions to set the speed of cleaning, steel supply, pulse reverse blowing time, dust filter dust cleaning time, through parameter combination adjustment, to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

 4, the working range is wide, high efficiency.

 5, the whole construction process of dust-free, pollution-free, is favorable for environmental protection and the health of the construction staff.

 6, construction basically does not damage the road surface structure.

7, automatic pulse back blowing dust removal, can realize continuous work.

 8, steel equipment automatic internal circulation, consumption is very low.

 9, it has the advantages of reasonable structure, quick disassembly, repair and convenient replacement of the wearing parts.

Shot blasting machine is lined with a wear plate of high quality welded casing, in the shot blasting machine lifetime lifetime use, without replacing or repairing welding..

Disc type blast wheel has 6 special hard manganese steel manufactured blade, impeller diameter is directly attached to the shaft of the motor, without any intermediate connector. Shot blasting machine special blade arrangement design, scattering rate is low, the 95% abrasive have a definite object in view to the target location. This will not only improve the efficiency of throwing, reduce the blasting damage. By special hard manganese steel shot blast device made of the guide sleeve and the impeller can be shot in advance, to accelerate the projectile, has to improve the effect and increase the projectile angle.

Shot blasting machine adopts direct or belt drive, and equipped with appropriate size quality bearings, the service life of 20000 hours or more.


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