ODF Cabinet 2283
ODF Cabinet 2283ODF Cabinet 2283

ODF Cabinet 2283

  • group nameOptical Distribution Frame & Cabinet

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  • brand nameADK

  • modelODF-2283

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Optical Distribution Frame & cabinet, max 648cores,2200*800*300mm, big capacity, high density



bigcapacity, high density

entiremodular design: 12 cores connections terminates the unit toturn the page structure for unique; butconveniently welds, the connections and the dispatch forthe optical fiber carries on the true frontal operations.

the adapterboth has guaranteed the optical fiber beveling radius, and may avoid the glareburning the eye

thedifferent type connection terminates the unit to e possible to install FC, SC,ST and other connectors on different kinds of adapters

both aresuitable for non-ribbon optical fiber, and suitable for ribbon optical fiber

opticalfiber, tail filament, jumps the filament to enter goes beyond a line respectiveindependence, does not disturb mutually

in order tojump the filament to provide optimized the management plan, enable the wiringclearly to have the foreword, neatly is artistic, is advantageous for thesearch.

has thereliable optical cable to be fixed, to open, the earth protective deviceexhaustedly. provides each kind of protection appendix, avoids the opticalfiber receiving the accidental mechanical damage.

thefrontal operation, the rack reliable wall or back to back installs, saves theinstallment space




Operating  temperature


Atmospheric pressure


Insertion Loss

≤0.2 dB

Return loss

PC  type≥40dB APC type≥60dB UPC type≥50dB

Connector plugging-inserting life

≥1000  times

Insulation resistance between the rack and the grounding device  of the frame

≥1000MΩ/500V  (DC)

Di-electronic strength between the rack and the grounding device  of the frame

3000V  (DC)/min, no breakdown, no flying-arc.



Optical Fiber Network

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