silicone rubber shoe insole

silicone rubber shoe insole

FOB Price
  • US $6.80

    100 - 40,000 kilogram

  • US $6.50

    40,001 - 999,999 kilogram

  • group nameLiquid silicone rubber for insoles

  • Min Order100 kilogram

  • brand nameHong Ye silicone rubber

  • modelHY 201#

  • payment methodT/T, L/C, Westem Union

  • update timeFri, 08 Nov 2013 21:22:41 GMT


  • Other Names silicone rubber shoe insole

  • Type Flavor & Fragrance Intermediates

  • Purity 100%

  • Application FOR SHOE

  • Appearance TRANSPARENT

  • certificate SGS,ROSH,UL

  • samples free

  • MOQ 200kg

  • payment T/T,LC

  • delivery 3 days

  • color white and blue

  • features good tension,low viscosity, suitable hardness

  • mix 1:1 or 10:1

  • promotion over 500KG 2% discount

  • usage silicone rubber shoe insole

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order100 kilogram


silicon insoles material is silicone, silicone shoe insole touch softly, Wear comfortable
free samples and specialized 14 years



silicone rubber shoe insole



silicon insoles material is silicone, silicone shoe insole touch softly, Wear comfortable


1. This silicone insoles for shoes can be used in pump shoes which can't put with mat. The length is approximately 8.5 cm, the width is approximately 5.2 cm and the thickest part is approximately 1 cm. A lightweight piece, keep your shoes depth same.



silicone rubber shoe insole




2. Also a good option as gifts to send them to elders and friends.

3.silicone insoles for shoes makes the volume of heel pad slim but elastic waters using close-grained flexible silicone/PU/GEL materials, improves the elasticity of the heel and shock absorption.

4. Effectively relieve the pains which caused by long-term walk, standing or hard soles. Very comfortable and health care.

5. Put them into flat heels to improve gravity, can play the role of invisible wedges.

6. Silicone/PU/GEL materials with sticky feeling can hold and not shift heel pads in shoes.

7. Reusable, hand wash with soap and then natural drying

8. Suitable for all kinds of shoes


Tear out the thin film which covers the underside to reveal the viscous surface
Make viscous surface adown, paste silicone insoles for shoes in heel position.




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