Sell   1 digit 0.43 inch low brightness red 625nm 7 segment display led 7 seg pcb assembly

Sell 1 digit 0.43 inch low brightness red 625nm 7 segment display led 7 seg pcb assembly

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1 digit 7 segment led numeric display;

  Digit height 0.43 inch;

  Emitting colors red, yellow, blue, orange, white, yellow-green, pure green, purple;

  Surface colors black or gray;

  Electrical polarity common anode or common cathode;

  Lens colors white, yellow, red, green, transparent or water clear;

  Pin diameter ∅0.45mm, 0.51mm, 0.6mm

  Pin length from 7.6mm to 38mm, generally 10.28mm, straight and bent


  Electrical and optical characteristics as following:

ParameterSymbol MinTypeMax Unit Test Condition
Luminous IntensityIV8.8  15.8mcdIF=20mA
Peak WavelengthλP   nmIF=20mA


624  629 nmIF=20mA
Forward VoltageVf1.82.02.4VIF=20mA
Reverse CurrentIR  50µAVR=5V
Forward CurrentIF35-1020mA 

Wave Soldering temperature 260 ℃ in 3 seconds

Operating temperature  -20 to +85 

Storage temperature     -20 to +85 

Storage Humidity           45% to 85% RH

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