JQ / JQW / JJQ type clamp coupling

JQ / JQW / JJQ type clamp coupling

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Find it: http://..........com/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_41&product_id=188



Find it: http://..........com/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_41&product_id=188


FeaturesNo compensationperformance, not buffer, damping, easy assembly and disassembly, a simplestructure, the shape is more complicated, the process is poor, low precisionbalance. Applicable to the load is stable, low-speed operating conditions.


clamp coupling using Two axiallysplit the folder shell bolt clamping to achieve two shaft connected,Transmittorque by the friction between the surface , the flat key auxiliary join .

Clamp coupling assembly anddisassembly axis do not need to axial movement , so the assembly anddisassembly very convenient.The clamp coupling disadvantage is that the twoshaft axis alignment accuracy is low, the relatively complex structure andshape , and low manufacturing and balancing accuracy is only applicable to lowspeed and load smoothly occasions , usually the largest outer edge of the linespeed is not greater than 5m / s, when the line speed of more than 5m / s, theneed for a balance check .

In order to improve the balance ,the bolts should be positive , inverted white installation . The clamp couplingdoes not have the axial , radial and angular compensation performance .

Vertical clamp coupling wascharacteristic clamp coupling approximation , simple structure , easy assemblyand disassembly , suitable for low-speed ( maximum circumferential velocity 5M/ S ) , no shock , vibration loads smoothly occasions , it is appropriateagitator vertical shaft coupling . 

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