potato deep processing food

potato deep processing food

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1,the potato rich nutrition, is one of the anti-aging food,
2,potato is rich in vitamin B1, B2, and pantothenic acid


potato deep processing food 








 Specification about potato food:


Content in chips for many, the people days for potato chips. Guest in potato, county proud of potato.

China of potato, potato six production lines, one of China's potato specialty township, township of the Chinese potato food.

Introduction to the

The potato is a traditional dingbian county grain food combination crops, is also the first major crops, the county has a long history of cultivation. Sense in recent years, the county, the county government in accordance with the \"characteristic agriculture and enriching, potato economy leading the\" strategic thinking, grasp the potato industry does not relax, optimizing the plant layout, and actively adjust the structure of varieties, strengthen quality potato promotion, steadily push forward industrialization development, make the potato industry promote the county nearly 280000 farmers get rich well-off the most potential advantage leading industries, DingBianXian in 2007 was named the ministry of agriculture for \"the hometown of Chinese potato specialty\", in shaanxi province, pollution-free agricultural production base and product certification, \"sense yam\" by the state administration for industry and commerce registration by the geographical indication protection.

Planting scale

Planting base size and high output. The potato is the biggest area DingBianXian cultivation and the widest range of crops. As of 2006, plant area of 1 million mu, total output 1.05 million tons of fresh potato chips, scale continuous planting base in more than ten thousand acres in the villages and towns have 18, eight more than 40000 mu, 100 mu more than professional planting large 3000, the county farmers per capita 3.5 mu, account for 56% of the county agricultural acreage. DingBianXian potato planting area is one-third of yulin city, shaanxi province, one 5 and one over seventy of the country, became the first big county potato production in Shanxi Province, in the forefront of the country.


Potato culture festival

DingBianXian planting potatoes, nearly 400 years of history, formed the unique local culture potato. This culture is the loess culture, hand in photograph reflect, grassland culture, trilateral culture, has a long history and deep. 2007 \"the first China sense potato culture festival\" was held, attracting more than 1000 customers at home and abroad with tens of thousands of people to taste a rich sense of the potato specialty, enjoy cultural feast, conducting multi-level economic and technological exchanges. By \"culture plays, act in an opera in potato\" this kind of effective form, called out \"sense of potatoes\" brand to the world.

Potatoes are the anti-aging nutritious, food. Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber food, more rare contain lots of vitamins, minerals, food at the same time, every 148 grams potato heat only 100 calories, real starch content less than 20%, and no fat, can effectively control the daily intake of total fat in your diet. Eat potatoes don't have to worry about excess fat, because it only contains 0.1% of fat, is that all the fat content of the food is the lowest. Can have effect reducing weight.

potato deep processing food

 About  our company :

Ding Bian Guotai trading company limited founded in 2010 December, is located in the west of the West Loop Dingbian County, warehouse covers an area of 1860 square meters, the registered capital of RMB 3 million yuan, with the building materials supermarket, large oil and gas equipment and accessories sales, annual sales of foreign agricultural products 5000 tons, now with fixed assets of about 68 million yuan.




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