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General Toxicology

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In the area of general toxicology, Creative Animodel offers our customers standard protocols.


In the area of general toxicology, Creative Animodel offers our customers standard protocols designed to support drug approval submissions to domestic and international regulatory agencies. With multiple test species available, studies are overseen by Study Directors with vast experience gained from performing over 1000 GLP studies. From standard safety studies to more specialized services, Creative Animodel can help you achieve your study goals more quickly and with greater confidence.

General Toxicology Services
Creative Animodel
provides a comprehensive offering of general toxicology services at our facilities, including:

Acute Toxicity
Creative Animodel
performs acute toxicity tests which describe the adverse effects of a substance that result either from a single exposure or from multiple exposures in a short space of time (usually less than 24 hours).

Accumulation Toxicity
The accumulation of drugs and their metabolic byproducts in organs can be toxic, leading to organ damage. Creative Animodel conducts standard toxicology protocols to test accumulation toxicity.

Subchronic Toxicity
Studies that continue for 90 days or for up to 10% of a test subject's life span are considered subchronic. Creative Animodel provides expertise in the planning, design, conduct, reporting and filing of subchronic toxicity tests.

Chronic Toxicity
Chronic toxicity is a property of a substance that has toxic effects on a living organism, when that organism is exposed to the substance continuously or repeatedly.  Our AAALAC-accredited facilities are equipped with the most advanced technologies to provide our clients with chronic toxicity tests to make better drug development decisions.

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