17 inch Manual Coil Binding Machine PC430
17 inch Manual Coil Binding Machine PC43017 inch Manual Coil Binding Machine PC430

17 inch Manual Coil Binding Machine PC430

  • group nameManual spiral binding machine

  • Min Order1 piece

  • brand nameSUPU

  • modelPC430

  • payment methodL/C, D/P, T/T

  • update timeWed, 23 Sep 2020 10:53:56 GMT


  • Max punching width : 430mm

  • Max Punching thickness 20 sheets

  • Max Binding Thickness 450sheets

Packging & Delivery

  • Size60cm x 51cm x 36cm

  • Weight19kg / piece

  • Min Order1 piece


Punch width:430MM,17 inch legal size paper,A3
Binding thickness:2o sheets of standard paper,for PVC cover can punch 2 sheets;


17 inch Manual Coil Binding Machine PC430

With a power foot pedal to make binding easier and release your hands to hold paper to assist inserting coil. Select paper stop can easily to keep paper aligning. Document measure guide to select the right coil size by your sheet thickness. Side margin is adjustable to select which format sheet to punch. Depth margin is adjustable to suit the size of coil being used. All aluminium construction make it durable and many years worry free

  • Manual Punching up to 20 sheets 70g paper each time

  • Punching A4 format,11'' size paper.

  • Binding documents up to 180 sheets.

  • Die on request pitch: 3:1  4:1  6 mm

  • Side margin is adjustable.


  • Max. bind up 180 sheets 

  • Width 430mm

  • Punch up to 2.5--4mm

Document measure to determine which comb size to be used All aluminium construction make it durable and many years worry free High capacity waste container requires emptying less frequently

Model Name


Punch Width


Punching Thickness


Punch Width


Disengagement Punch pins


Number of punch pins


Binding Thickness




Technical modifications may be made without notice. 1 mm = 10 sheets of paper, based on 80 gsm.

All performance outputs are based on 80 gsm paper and may vary depending on the product type, the working environment and the operator. For best punching results we recommend a paper thickness of 2.0 - 2.5 mm.


  • Measure the thickness of the document and select the appropriate apron specification according to the letter

  • Select the correct comb diameter using the document measure

  • Select the correct back margin depth for the number of sheets

  • Select the correct punch profile for the sheet size. Select releasable dies as appropiate 

  • Punch sheets in small batches that do not overload the machine of the use
    (Max 20 sheets)

  • The machine punching when use handle

  • Collate the document. Load the coil on to the first 3 holes

  • Hold the document in both hands, with the coil on the right side. Touch the coil against the inserting roller to bind the document

  • Use the binding pliers to cut and fold the end of the metal coil. Clip off the excess coil

We do a lot of testing before final package to pursue "100% quality" goal!

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