HeaderAqua—Headerboard compressed fiber cement board

HeaderAqua—Headerboard compressed fiber cement board

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HeaderAqua is made of cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and water repellent.



HeaderAqua—Headerboard compressed fiber cement board is made of cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and water repellent. It is delicately burdened by computer procedure, molded, compressed by 14000 ton hydraulic machine and steamed and serviced under a high temperature and pressure. HeaderAqua is 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other hazardous substance); it enjoys such strengths as high strength, large size, light weight, fire and water resistance, environment friendliness, high efficiency and energy saving; it is known as an upgraded generation of Headerboard series boards. 



Standard size:1220×2440(thickness from 4mm-13mm),1200×2400(Thickness from 14mm-30mm)


-Physical properties

Water Absorption(12h)



Aparent density



Wet expansion



Water penetration


It is in accordance with the standard, upon 24h inspection, the back of the board have no water drop



It is in accordance with the Level A national standard (non-combustible of )GB 8624-2006.

Anti-frezzing property


Upon freezing circulation for 40 times, it does not suffer from cracking or lamination.



Upon inspection by HJ/T 223-2005 standard, the asbestos content is 0.


-Mechanical properties

Modulus of repture (Air dried condition)



Modulus of rupture(Saturated condition)




1. Low water absorption rate

Water absorption rate is lower than 10% with 12 hours

2. High strength

The board enjoys high strength, excellent air permeability and swift driness resuming property; This can greatly alleviate deformation caused by air temperature and humidity changes.

3. Fire resistance

It refers to Level A1 non-combustible material.

4. Excellent water resistance 

It is made by a special process. The materials contain new type of high-molecule special water prevention agent to assure overall water-proof property. Upon water dropping on the board surface, an obvious water drop effect is produced which is similar to the water drop of lotus leaf.

5. Easy cutting

The board can be cut off and polished at disposal without impact on water-proof property.

 6.  Small deformation

It has a small deformation under a humid environment and is able to improve the jointing effect. 


It is applicable to the outer wall’s elevator well hoist, pipe well, outdoor furniture and outdoor floor board with excellent water-proof and fire-proof properties. 

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