Kigtropin /HGH/Steroids/ Peptides/Hormone/Humantrope /hgh/Human growth

Kigtropin /HGH/Steroids/ Peptides/Hormone/Humantrope /hgh/Human growth

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100 IU/kit (10IU/vail, 10vails/kit)


Payment: TT,Western Union, Money Gram

Shipping: EMS, DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx

Shipping time: 7 - 10 working days


It is the most popular form of injectable hgh among today's bodybuilders. HGH(Haratropin,Hygetropinnns,Jintropin,Angtropin,Kigtropins and so on) promotes muscle development while decreasing fat, promoting a favorable body composition. It also helps with lowering cholesterol and feelings of well-being.
The main functions of HGH: 

1.Enable the regrowth of each organ

2.Enhance the immunity of organism, reduce the rates of catching diseases.

3.Promote sexual function and improve sexual desire, defer climacterium,postpones caducity.

4. Reinforce and revocer memory, improve sleeping quality, eliminate exhaustion, make people feel


5.Remove wrinkles, keep skin exquisite and smooth. Narrow down pore, decreasecolor spot, recover

skinelasticity, promotes facial profile.

6. Increase muscle contents, prevent muscular atrophy, strengthen durance.

7.Lose fat and shapes figure, make fat uniformally-distributed. Maintaincomprehensive balance for


8. Decrease blood fat as well as cholesterol

9.Renew hair, turn white into black, improve hair quality, reduce losing hair.

10.Enhance bone density, prevent osteoporosis,avoid fracture on aged people.

Advantagesof Private Label/OEM :
1. Abundant choices----All-round forms ofinner packages and outer designs;
2. Unique----The product will be SPECIFICALLY designed and produced foryou;
3. Exclusive product line--- Increase the professional image of yourbusiness and your products sales and customer loyalty;
4. Low Investment, large profits---Low MOQ to start, the most favorableprice for foreseeable maximize profit;
5. Full market and price control---- freelance dominator of the marketingand pricing policy upon your private brand, to safeguard and protect yourinvestment;
6. Quality guaranteed--- The best quality can beensured by us, one of the Top GMP Factories.

Details of Our Private Label/OEM Products:
Options: Finished products with full package,semi-finished products, raw material
Model: Tablet, Capsule, Pill, Softgel
Capsule Size: 20mg,100mg, 350mg, 480mg, 500mg, 650mg, etc. 
Standard: GMP Manufacture Standard
Inner Packing: Bottle, Foil, Blister
Outer Packing: Bottle, Paperboard box, Holographic Paperboard box
Productivity: 1,000,000pcs/month
Production Cycle: 3-7 days


1.  Good quality andhigh purity

2. Competitive pricefrom the factory directly

3.Professional team for package & shipment(fast and safe)

4. Supply all kinds of hgh products and other bodybuilding products (e.g.Generic HGH,blue top,green top,red top,yellow top,white top;Igtropin,Jintropin,Kigtropins,Taitropins;Getropin,Hygetropine)


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