calcium lignosulphonate
calcium lignosulphonatecalcium lignosulphonatecalcium lignosulphonatecalcium lignosulphonatecalcium lignosulphonate

calcium lignosulphonate

  • group namechemical auxiliary

  • Min Order1 metric ton

  • modelCF-1

  • payment methodL/C, D/A, D/P

  • update timeThu, 28 Jul 2016 08:04:51 GMT


  • appearance yellow powder

  • lignin content 45%-65%

  • ph-value 7-8.5

Packging & Delivery

  • Weight1000.00kg / metric ton

  • Min Order1 metric ton


As a multi-component ploymer anionic surfactant,the calcium lignosulphonate is a brown yellow powdery substance inappearance.



Product intrution:

  As a multi-component ploymer anionic surfactant,the calcium lignosulphonate is a brown yellow powdery substance inappearance and gives off slight aromma,with the molecular weight of 800 to 1000 usually and strong dispersibility,cohesiveness and chelating property.At present,the calcuim lignosulphonate products of the company have already be widely used as water reducing admixtures for cement,pesticidesubspension concerntrates,ceramic body reinforcing agents,coal water slurry dispersants,tanning agent for leather, refratory material binders.carbon black granulation agents and so on,are used invarious industries and have won a good reputation among users.

Product indicators:

Calcium lignosulphonate


Yellow powder

Lignin content


Ph value


Reducing substance




Water insolubles


Air content


Inorganic salt


Total content of Ca and Mg


Main performance:

1. Water-reducing agent

 a. prefabricated or fresh concrete construction.

 b. preparation of antifreezing, pump-deliverable water reducing agent.

 c. preparation of different type of water reducing agent. Calcium lignosulfonate

 2. Used as fertilizer raw material. Ca lignosulfonate is rich of many microelement and organic materials. It performs well as fertilizer raw materials.

 3. Used as animal feed additives.

4. Used as ore binder: smelting industry, with calcium lignosulfonate mixed with slag, into powder ball into the kiln dried, can greatly improve the smelting recovery. calcium lignosulfonate

 5. The refractory material: the manufacture of refractory brick, the use of calcium lignosulfonate dispersant and binder, can significantly improve performance and reduce the water, increased, to prevent cracking and other good results. Calcium lignosulfonate

 6.Ceramics: calcium lignin for ceramic products, can reduce the carbon content increased green strength, reduce the amount of plastic clay, mud, good liquidity, increase yield 70-90%, the sintering rate was reduced from 70 minutes to 40 minutes.

 7. Adhesive

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