1, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride  CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-9
1, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride  CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-91, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride  CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-91, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride  CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-9

1, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-9

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  • model105-41-9

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Product Name:1, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride
CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-9


Quick Detail:
Product Name: 1, 3-dimethyl-pentylaminehydrochloride 
CAS No.: 13803-74-2;105-41-9
Physical Properties: Solubility soluble in water 
Molecular formula: C7H17N 
Specifications: > 99% 
Apperance: White crystalline powder or granula 
Function: Fine for organic synthesis and Chinese medicine, health products synthesis 
Product description : 
      DMAA was initially discovered in the 1970s by the drug manufacturer Eli Lilly. DMAA is a powerful CNS stimulant with similar effects to caffeine. DMAA increased clarity and a boost in physical performance, especially valuable to athletes during calorie restriction or when a high level of focus is needed. For weight loss, DMAA works through a similar chemical pathway as ephedrine, DMAA causing a rise in cAMP, the chemical messenger that triggers fat release.
     Methylhexaneamine, which is the chemical name for DMAA, is found in nature in the oil of the geranium plant, which is native to southern regions of Africa. Methylhexaneamine makes up about 1% of geranium oil, although in modern times DMAA is typically synthesized under laboratory conditions for environmental and financial reasons.
     Also known as geranium, DMAA produces the same benefits as caffeine at a fraction of the dose. It takes anywhere from 1/4 to 1/8 of the dose of DMAA to get the same benefits as caffeine. Users report that the energy kick imparted from DMAA lasts longer than that of caffeine, and feels "cleaner" without providing the "jittery" feeling that one associates with too much coffee or energy drinks.
1)1, 3-Dimethylpentylamine is useful in compositions, for example as dietary supplements, and for appetite suppression. 
In health care, the 1, 3 - dimethylamylamine hydrochloride can increase energy, refreshing, and improve the body's energy, or calorie restriction athletes gather energy particularly effective. Meanwhile, the weight loss of 1, 3 - dimethyl-pentylamine hydrochloride (13803-74-2) with similar utility, can improve the level of cAMP in vivo and promote the decomposition of body fat. 
2)1, 3 - dimethylamylamine hydrochloride (13803-74-2) used in the weight class in health care can significantly reduce appetite suppression induced thermal effect. There are reports of 1, 3 - dimethylamylamine hydrochloride (13803-74-2) can increase fitness, improve concentration, significantly inhibited appetite suppression excited. 
3)1, 3 - dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride (13803-74-2) and also some companies as caffeine and other ingredients with dietary supplements.
Packaging & Delivery
1.Sufficient stock, to delivery promptly at the very day when receive the payment
2.Sophisticated and professional logistic agent.
3.Well-trained and disciplined packing team.Unique ways to ship  to your destination.Fast and discreet shipment could be arranged for customs pass Guaranteed.
4.Packing pictures and tracking code are provided within 12 hours after receiving the payment
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