PVC coated fabric mesh sheet
PVC coated fabric mesh sheetPVC coated fabric mesh sheetPVC coated fabric mesh sheet

PVC coated fabric mesh sheet

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PVC coated nylon mesh sheet, it can be used for construction safety net, pruning sheet, debris net, truck cover sheet etc.


Fireproof Mesh Fabric 
1.High strength, good elasticity, excellent tensile, tear, and peel resistance properties.
2.Good flame redundancy, anti-UV and anti-oxidation.
3.High-temperature and cold resistance.
Detailed Product Description 
1. Polyester Mesh Fabric 
2. , 250D/24*24,1000D/14*14, 2250D/11*11
3. Fire retardant, sun shade 
4. Building used for Scaffolding protection
Fireproof Mesh Fabric is woven to mesh fabrics by high-intensity polyester yarn, then coated with pvc and last cooling to Mesh Tarpaulin. The products have the features of high-strength, durable, artistic and light, easy to clean and many other attractive features.

1. Construction safety net: scaffolding net, debris netting, sound barrier, PVC coated polyester fireproof scaffold safety net, Japan fireproof net, pvc soundproof sheet, pvc fireproof Net, acoustic, mesh sheet, cargo net.

2. Monofilament shade net, tape shade net, shade sail net, balcony screen.

.3.Agricultural nets: plant support net, hail net, bird net, insect net.

4. PVC coated polyester dinner mat, table mat, bed mat, kitchen mat, chair mat;

5. Sports netting: football net, tennis net, volleyball net, basketball net etc.

6. PE fishing net, nylon fishnet (single knot & double knot );

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