Customizable high strength casting auto parts
Customizable high strength casting auto partsCustomizable high strength casting auto partsCustomizable high strength casting auto partsCustomizable high strength casting auto partsCustomizable high strength casting auto parts

Customizable high strength casting auto parts

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  • Min Order1 piece

  • brand nameHicoin

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  • Place of Origin TianjinChina

  • Port OR Air port Tianjin,Shanghai,New York,Etc

  • Molding process Low pressurecasting OR CNC

  • Types of special casting Metal mold casting

  • Package Wooden cases, iron cases or according to custom stransportation and customer needs

  • Specific ations According to customer drawing need

  • Material used in manufacturing Stainless Steel、 Aluminium alloy、 Pure copper, Bronze, High strength steel, Pure aluminum, Alloy, etc.

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Our company produces the casting car parts on the existing vehicles, and can also be customized according to the drawings.


Foundry car parts
Our factory introduces high-end technology and equipment at home and abroad. The internal 
density of the castings produced is good to ensure the smooth processing of the machine. 
It can produce high quality precision parts for customers.
Spheroidal graphite cast iron gray cast iron
Product weight 500g~200kg can be produced
About 7 days
The surface roughness of the castings is good
(surface treatment) sandblasting and spray paint can provide polishing or other processing 
services according to customer requirements[equipment testing] a variety of testing equipment 
to ensure the precision of the casting material.

The cast steel according to chemical composition can be divided into two kinds: carbon cast steel and alloy cast 
steel. Carbon cast steel is the most widely used, accounting for more than 80% of the total output of cast steel.
1, carbon cast steel
In general, low carbon steel ZG15 with high melting point, casting performance is poor, only for the manufacture of 
motor parts or steel carburized parts; ZG25 ~ ZG45, with comprehensive performance is better than that of cast iron, 
high strength, good plasticity and toughness, so it is suitable for the manufacture of complex shapes, high strength 
and toughness requirements of parts, such as train wheel, hammer and anvil roll and frame, high pressure valves, is 
a kind of widely used in carbon steel; high carbon steel ZG55 low melting point, the casting performance is medium 
carbon steel, but the plasticity and toughness is poor, only for the manufacture of less wear parts number.
2. Alloy cast steel
According to the number of total alloying elements, alloy cast steel can be divided into two low alloy steel and high 
alloy steel categories.
1) the main application of low alloy cast steel in China is manganese, manganese, silicon and chromium. Such as 
ZG40Mn, ZG30MnSi1, ZG30Cr1MnSi1 and so on. It is used to make gear, hydraulic press working cylinder and 
turbine rotor and other parts, and ZG40Cr1 is often used to make high strength gear and high strength shaft and 
other important parts.
2) high alloy cast steel, with wear resistance, heat-resistant or corrosion resistance and other special properties. If 
ZGMn13 is a kind of high manganese steel, wear resistant steel, mainly used in the manufacture of use in dry 
friction under the working conditions of parts, such as excavator grab the front wall and grab teeth, tractor and 
tank track; chromium nickel stainless steel ZG1Cr18Ni9 and Cr stainless steel ZG1Cr13 and ZGCr28, the nitric acid 
corrosion resistance is very high, mainly used for chemical, petroleum, chemical fiber manufacturing and food 
equipment parts.

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