Custom forging high strength engine crankshaft
Custom forging high strength engine crankshaftCustom forging high strength engine crankshaftCustom forging high strength engine crankshaftCustom forging high strength engine crankshaftCustom forging high strength engine crankshaft

Custom forging high strength engine crankshaft

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  • Place of Origin TianjinChina

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  • Molding process Low pressurecasting OR CNC

  • Types of special casting Metal mold casting

  • Package Wooden cases, iron cases or according to custom stransportation and customer needs

  • Specific ations According to customer drawing need

  • Material used in manufacturing Stainless Steel、 Aluminium alloy、 Pure copper, Bronze, High strength steel, Pure aluminum, Alloy, etc.

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  • Min Order1 piece


Our company produces various types of engine crankshafts, in detail please send a mail consultation


     The crankshaft is the most important part of the engine. It bears the force transmitted by the 
connecting rod and turns it into torque to output through the crankshaft and drive the other 
accessories on the engine. The crankshaft is subjected to the combined action of the centrifugal 
force of the rotational mass, the inertia force of the periodic change and the reciprocating inertia 
force, so that the crankshaft is subjected to the bending torsion load. Therefore, the crankshaft is 
required to have sufficient strength and stiffness, and the neck surface needs to be wear-resistant, 
uniform and well balanced.

The key to the production of high quality ductile iron is the acquisition of high temperature and low 
sulfur pure iron. In China, the main production equipment is the cupola, and the iron water is not 
pretreated by desulphurization, and the second is the high purity of raw iron and the poor quality of 
coke. The molten iron is melted by a cupola. It is desulphurized by the furnace and then heated in 
the induction furnace and the composition is adjusted. A vacuum direct reading spectrometer has 
been widely used to detect the composition of molten iron in China.
The air impact molding process is superior to the clay sand molding process, and the crankshaft 
castings with high accuracy can be obtained. The sand moulds made by the process have the 
characteristics of no rebound deformation and so on, which is especially important for multi crank 
crankshafts. A number of crankshaft manufacturers in China have introduced air impact molding 
technology from Germany, Italy and Spain. However, only a few manufacturers have introduced the 
entire production line.
Electroslag casting
The electroslag remelting technology is applied to the production of crankshaft, so that the 
performance of the cast crankshaft may be comparable to that of the forging. It has the 
characteristics of fast development cycle, high utilization rate of metal, simple equipment and 
superior product performance.

Forging technology
In hot forging press, electro hydraulic hammer for automatic line host is the development direction 
of the crankshaft forging production, the production line will be widely used in precision shearing 
blanking roll forging billet (Xie Hengzha), medium frequency induction heating, finishing machine 
hydraulic press and other advanced technology, at the same time with the manipulator, conveyor 
belt, back to change die device and other auxiliary table, the formation of flexible manufacturing 
system (FMS). Through FMS, the workpiece and die can be replaced automatically and the 
parameters are adjusted automatically, and it is continuously measured during the working process. 
The data of the thickness and maximum pressure of the forgings are displayed and recorded and 
compared with the fixed value, and the optimal amount of deformation is selected to obtain the 
high quality products. The whole system is monitored by the central control room to realize the 
unmanned operation. The forging of the crankshaft with the forging method has the full fiber of the 
inner metal flow line, which can increase the fatigue strength by more than 20%.

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