Customizable high strength metal chains
Customizable high strength metal chainsCustomizable high strength metal chainsCustomizable high strength metal chainsCustomizable high strength metal chainsCustomizable high strength metal chains

Customizable high strength metal chains

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  • Place of Origin TianjinChina

  • Port OR Air port Tianjin,Shanghai,New York,Etc

  • Molding process Low pressurecasting OR CNC

  • Types of special casting Metal mold casting

  • Package Wooden cases, iron cases or according to custom stransportation and customer needs

  • Specific ations According to customer drawing need

  • Material used in manufacturing High strength steel

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Our company customize the production of various types and materials of the chain, in detail please send a mail consultation.


        The chain is usually a chain or ring of metal, which is used as a mechanical drive and traction. A 
chain used to block a traffic passage (as in a street, a river or a harbour), and a mechanically loaded 
1, the chain includes four series: transmission chain; transport chain; pull chain; special professional 
2, a series of metal chains or loops: chains that are used to block traffic corridors (for example, in the 
streets, rivers or port entrances); chains for mechanical uploading.
3, the chain can be divided into short pitch precision roller chain, short pitch precision roller chain, 
heavy duty transmission bending plate roller chain, cement machinery chain, plate chain, high 
strength chain.
In the similar products, according to the basic structure of the chain, the chain products are divided 
according to the shape of the components, the parts and parts that are engaged with the chain, and 
the proportion between parts. There are many kinds of chains, but the basic structure of them is only 
the following, and the others are these kinds of deformation. We can see from the above chain 
structure, most of the chain is composed of chain plate, chain pin, shaft sleeve and other 
components. The only other types of chain chain plate according to different needs to do the 
different changes, some in the scraper chain plate is provided with some guidance on the chain 
plate installed on the bearing, as well as in the chain plate on the wheel and so on, these are to be 
used in different applications of modification.

Chain manufacturing capacity is the decisive factor in the chain manufacturing industry, and the 
center of the chain manufacturing strength is the process degree of chain manufacturing. The 
process degree of chain manufacturing depends largely on the professional degree of chain 
consumption. The strength of the process equipment directly affects the consumption efficiency of 
the chain manufacturing company and the economic benefit of the quality of the product. In recent 
years, China's chain industry attaches great importance to the investment of hardware equipment, 
many chain enterprises invested capital and great labor force, technological transformation project 
implementation chain using electromechanical integration equipment, manufacturing chain 
successfully developed a number of highly exclusive use of power equipment, and put into use, the 
professional consumption efficiency high, the process is more reasonable, more complete function, 
so that the chain of small and medium size practices of China's manufacturing strength has a 
substantial progress

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