Doypack FFS Horizontal Packaging Machinery

Doypack FFS Horizontal Packaging Machinery

  • group nameHorizontal Packing Machine

  • Min Order1 piece

  • modelHS-18S

  • update timeFri, 19 Aug 2011 17:02:11 GMT


  • Sachet Packer Horizontal Packing machine

  • Sachet Type Stand Up Pouch

  • Poch Type Doypack

  • Food sachet Stand Up Pouch, Doypack Pouch,Normal Pouch

  • Machine FFS Packing Machine

  • Filling Capacity Can Be Adjusted

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


Doypack FFS Horizontal Packaging Machinery can Forming, Filling and Sealing Both Stand up Pouch and Normal Pouch.



Doyapck FFS Horizontal Packaging Machinery, Doypack  Horizontal Packing Machine, FFS Horizontal Packing Machine,

Sachet Horizotal packing Machine, FFS Horizontal Packing Machine.


1. Versatility strong, one machine can be realized powder, liquid, granules, paste different types of packaging materials.

2. Automatic servo-correcting device can effectively solve the bag wrong side of the issue to ensure the overall stability of equipment, improve packaging speed.

3. Linear servo pull bag system that automatically adjust bag width size, improve equipment stability.

4. Product packaging system: using heat sealing packaging materials (polyethylene, multilayer composite coating), the automatic bagging completed. Measures such as packaging filling and sealing process fully automated production facilities. Trilateral closure pocket or bag is a four-sided flat closure. Use different forms of filling machine, and packaging different products.

5. Control System: PLC programmable computer controller Schneider-electric inverter and so on, high integration, the ability to control and reliable operation .Touch screen technology enabled applications to operate machines more reliable and convenient .Photoelectric sensor, encoder, the switches are close to the import of advanced sensors. Machinery and electronics integration has been a perfect performance.

6. Filling System: FESTO system, reliable and stable performance adjustments quick and easy.

 Technical Parameter:

1. Pouch Width                     60mm-180mm

2. Pouch Height                   100mm-250mm

3. Volume Range                10-1000ml

4. Speed                               60pouch/min. around 70gm

5. Packaging Film:               Complex Film

6. Accuracy                           <±1.5%

7. Reel                                   Reel diameter:≥600mm  inside barrel diameter:≥76mm

8. Powder Supply                3phase, 380V 50HZ

9. Electricity Consumption   8.0KW

10. Air Consumption            800 NL/min,0.6Mpa

11. Weight                             1500KG

12. Size                                   5800mm(L)×1100mm(W)×1530mm(H)


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