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steam cleaning car washing machine


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  • automatic car wash machine
    • Min Order:1 piece

    • Industry:Machinery

    • Voltage: 380V-420V 50/60HZ 110V,220V,380V According to yo

    • Ozone device: O3 can kill the bacteria interior and bad smelling. It is impossible for other machine

    • Continuous Work Time for Dry Steam: Non-stop, 24hours All day long (Very Important)

    • Humidity Adjustment: Available for dry&wet steam

    • Steam Guns and Hose: We have 4 hose with 2 Steam hose and 2 high pressure water with 10 meters. You can use this machine with 4 people on the same time. And If the car is very duty,you can use the water gun at first then use the steam guns. It is very fast and save water.

    • weight: 215kg

    • size: 800*560*1690mm

    • Region:Liaoning/Dalian

    • Port:Dlian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjing

    • Payment Method:T/T, L/C

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